2021 has 2 days left

“A new virus has spread all over the globe, panics in various places, and two years have passed. I feel like I’ve seen such a future science fiction movie before. In reality, I feel that many people are now acting according to the scenario. I don’t think people are blind, but what about the facts?

What about the situation of influenza, which has killed many people every year before the new Corona? According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the outbreak of influenza is even less than in the same period of 2020, when it dropped sharply compared to the average year.

What are people afraid of?

The fears of the new coronavirus are that “(reportedly) it seems to be rampant overseas,” “the disease progresses quickly and is susceptible to infection,” and “a clear cure has not been established.” That is.

In rural areas where there are few crowded trains and facilities, if you prevent it properly, you can prevent the infection, and in reality it is. Let’s take proper measures and welcome the new year reassuringly.

2021 was the year of resumption

Piano, composition, guitar, visiting temples and shrines, photography, cameras … It was a year when I had been doing a lot of things, including being away.

Zoom on YouTube and the world of the Internet were also major turning points.

Next to the year of resumption is the year of leap.