The inner ring’s backbit flows to the net

The following sentences are the sentences I wrote in Japanese, translated into English as they are by Google Translate on the Internet, and pasted.

In the past, I feel that the kind of gossip, backbiting, and bad words that were spoken at the wellside meeting is now spreading on the Internet news and SNS.

For example, the LDP presidential election was held the other day. As a feeling, there should not be so many people who can talk about each person. However, based on past cases, remarks, articles, etc., all kinds of people say this and that, and truly receive it, and write it on SNS.

Even with the marriage problem of a certain imperial family, criticism seems to be more and more excited. I don’t have to say that far, so I want to watch the happiness of the future.

When the Internet began to spread to the general public, I think that the Internet society was highly anonymous.

Therefore, the bulletin boards on the Internet and the comment section may have been an outlet for complaints. This is exactly the same as the Idobata meeting, and it can be said that it is “irresponsible” and “irresponsible”.

When the bulletin board went down, many people started to have smartphones and posted on SNS.

The era when the Internet society was called “virtual” is now a thing of the past.

The Internet society may reflect the real world as it is, or sometimes amplified. The mirror is also beginning to merge with the real world at an accelerating rate.

In the Internet society, there are people and connections, just like in the real world. Anonymity is rapidly being lost.

To the person who was told (written), the remarks on SNS sound deeply and heavily as the actual remarks themselves.

Future online society

It is certain that the Internet of the future will grow as a medium that can enhance each other. I hope there are many people who are trying to do that.

Whether or not they are aware of that, everyone who is on the net now is equally one of the pioneers of the 21st century.

It is an era in which each person has that awareness.

Until now, humankind in the world has grown little by little, but with the times.

I feel that the question is whether Japanese society, which has a high degree of maturity as a society, can mature even in the new era of the Internet.